Truth in Measurement

It’s time for measurement to bring everyone together.

Advertisers want to spend media budget where they measure and publishers want to be measured by those they trust. Consumers are worried their personal data is compromised. how do we solve this?


Supporting brands, publishers, and consumers who make up the ad-supported Internet.


87% of Advertisers Are Holding Back Ad Spend

Due to poor measurement according to Advertiser Perceptions report, "The State of Advertising Measurement" (August 2018). These advertisers want more measurable ad spend where they can verify who saw the ad, how often, and if it led to an outcome.

Advertisers admitted these concerns can impact where dollars go and how much is spent. Newer media (e.g., OTT, ATV, et al) may be most impacted. In fact, 67% of advertiser are holding back in adopting new ad formats specifically because of poor measurement.

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84% of Consumers Distrust Social Platforms with Data

but 62% of the same consumers agree that "sharing data and personal information online is part of the modern economy” according to the Data & Marketing Association's report, "Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks" (June 2018).

Consumers do expect data sharing to be part of the Internet but clearly want publishers to do more to protect their consumer privacy, at the very least their anonymity and the data they’ve directly given to the publisher.

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100% of Walled Gardens Are Withholding Data From Brands

Because they are trying to protect consumer trust and are trying to protect their business model. If brands directly got data on each user who saw their ads, brands could bypass publishers and apply learnings to reach users on other platforms who didn’t have the data. This challenge is fundamentally why publishers become walled gardens even as they desire to work with advertisers for more measurable outcomes.


So how do we make advertising work for everyone?

Truth in Measurement is an industry working group of publishers, advertisers, and measurement companies that is developing a framework for privacy-friendly measurement data exchange to allow advertisers to be confident in the numbers from publishers and for publishers to attract more ad spend for the results they produce.

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advisory board

Companies dedicated to improving digital advertising

Truth in Measurement (TIM) brings together the leading buy and sell side companies to work towards a common goal of consumer privacy friendly measurement. TIM is made up of advisory board members who shape the agenda and many more members who get access to research, event, and technical standards.


Napa 2019 Summit

Truth in Measurement will have its inaugural summit for advisory board members and participants in Napa Valley on March 13-14th, hosted by Thunder Experience Cloud. Join us for stimulating conversation and vital debate about the future of measurement in a privacy-conscious world.

Join us at one of the most beautiful properties in Napa for a private closed door discussion on the future of measurement.

Join us at one of the most beautiful properties in Napa for a private closed door discussion on the future of measurement.