AdExchanger: Can Ad Tech ID-Sharing Succeed For Attribution?

James Hercher at AdExchanger looks at how focusing on ID sharing for measurement can differ from sharing IDs for targeting and other use cases. Here’s an excerpt:

Now some brands and publishers hope that by narrowing the collaborative ID’s scope to measurement, they can bypass the challenges faced by similar efforts for audience targeting.

“The collaborative persistent ID efforts are generally about audience targeting,” said Trace Rutland, Tyson Foods’ director of media innovation. “But keeping the focus on measurement reduces the tension between consumers, who want privacy, and brands and publishers, which want to attribute campaigns that have already run.”

Rutland is an advisor to Truth in Measurement, a project that launched last week by the ad server startup Thunder Experience Cloud. It aims to standardize contractual agreements between advertisers and publishers for sharing IDs and cookies for campaign measuremen

Victor Wong