Our Vision

Transparency, privacy, and protection for everyone


People have enjoyed ad-supported content for hundreds of years but digital media introduces a new challenge for everyone.

For publishers, increasingly their value is not just the content but also the audience data - who is the user and what is the user interested in. They don’t want to lose that data and compromise their business model.

For advertisers, increasingly their audience is fragmenting across more media, their performance is being held more accountable, and their fraud risk is growing.

For consumers, increasingly they expect platforms that they use and supply data will protect their personal data from leaking and being connected to their online activities.

For an ad-supported Internet to thrive, we need to figure out a way to provide ad transparency, privacy, and protection. This group seeks to develop and endorse a technical standard for measurement data sharing that will address these concerns and make the Internet better for all.


Victor Wong

CEO, Thunder Experience Cloud

Founder, Truth in Measurement


You can get involved by joining TIM as general member to get more information or as an advisory board member to help set the agenda. As a member, you’re invited to join our upcoming summit.

“Trilemma of Digital Advertising” - balance all three stakeholders

“Trilemma of Digital Advertising” - balance all three stakeholders